The St. George School of Byzantine Music Inquiries

Mr. Stelios Kirimlis 

Simeon Pardalis

About the St. George School of Byzantine Music:

The St. George School of Byzantine Music invites all who desire to learn to chant to attend lessons to experience the beauty, joy, and rich majesty of our millennium-old ecclesiastical music. Hear the hymns chanted in the traditional style as they were originally written. The principle aim of the St. George School of Byzantine Music is to pass on our ageless Byzantine musical heritage to future generations. The secondary aim is to contribute to the artistic development of practicing chanters to further enrich their knowledge of Byzantine Music. Byzantine Music or the Psaltic Art (Ψαλτική Τέχνη), as it is also called, is both an integral and inspired part of our Orthodox Christian Faith.

Lessons are delivered in English but much of the chanting is done in Greek. Classes are offered free of charge every Saturday at 1:00pm in the Church Library.

The Teacher is Mr. Stelios Kirimlis.

For more information, please contact Mr. Kirimlis directly at or Simeon Pardalis at

Stelios Kirimlis was born in Thessaloniki Greece. At the age of thirteen he joined the choir of St. Demetrios Church, under the direction of Archon Protopsaltis Chrysanthos Theodosopoulos, one of the top chanters in Greece, until the age of seventeen, when he left for USA to attend College. Stelios also sang for thirty-two years with the noted Protopsaltis Harilaos Papapostolou, at St Sophia Cathedral in Washington, D.C. For the last twelve years Stelios has been visiting Greece quite frequently, where he studied under legendary Harilaos Taliadoros, Archon Protopsaltis of St. Sophia Church in Thessaloniki. Archon Protopsaltis Harilaos Taliadoros is another of the Great leaders of Byzantine Music in Greece.

For the last four and a half, years Stelios was the Protopsaltis at St. Theodore’s Church in Lanham, MD. Presently, he is an honorary member of the famous Byzantine Choir, St. Ioannis Koukouzelis, in Thessaloniki Greece, under the direction of Archon Protopsaltis Emmanuel Daskalakis.