Sunday School Inquiries:

Sunday School Director:
Foteini Paparoupa Pazartzis

Assistant Sunday School Director (Junior Division Pre-K-2nd)

Melanie Sparks- Liacouras

Assistant Sunday School Director (Lower Grade Division 3rd- 6th)
Joanne Scilaris

Assistant Sunday School Director (Upper Grades Division 7th-12th)


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Fr. Dimitrios, the Sunday School Board and all the Sunday School teachers of St. George thank you!

If you have not come by the Sunday School Office to pick up your Sunday School Handbook, please come by this Sunday to get your free copy! This new book includes, among other things, welcome letters from our Presiding Priest Fr. Dimitrios, myself as well as from our awesome Sunday School Teachers Team, The Important Dates and Events for the Sunday School Year, Topics for the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, information about the new Occupant Emergency Plan, and a Catechism Questions and Answers section.

By 12th Grade, the Sunday School Student should be able to answer all these questions in the Catechism section. For the earlier, grades the younger students will gradually learn the answers as they head towards 12th Grade. It would be good for parents to familiarize themselves with the following questions and answers as they would be excellent discussion material with their children (regardless of age) throughout the week during the year.

To make arrangements during the week to come by and get your copy, please send an email to

Sunday School

2019 – 2020 Calendar of Events

*Sunday School Classes take place every Sunday, from September 9th to May 19th,
unless otherwise specified below.*

Any events is subject to change, but emails will be sent out detailing the changes and it will be reflected here 

Download and Print the PDF of these dates here

September 2019

8 Sunday: Teachers meeting after the liturgy

15 Sunday: 1st Day of Sunday School

Back to Sunday School Day/ Class orientation for PreK3 through 2nd grade

22 Sunday: Back to Sunday School Day/ Class orientation for grades 3 through 8 and 9 through 12

29 Sunday: 4th Graders receive Bibles


5 Saturday: Teachers’ Workshop with Mr. Chrysostomos Gunning

6 Sunday: International Choir Recognition Sunday 13

Sunday: 3rd graders receive icons

20 Sunday

27 Sunday


3 Sunday

10 Sunday

17 Sunday

22 Friday: 6th graders- making the Artos

24 Sunday: 6th grade – Artoklasia / Sunday School Food Drive


1 Sunday: Thanksgiving weekend – No Classes

6 Friday: Christmas Tree Lighting

7 Saturday: Christmas Pageant rehearsal- 3rd graders/ Narrators/ Choir

8 Sunday: Lunch with Santa

14 Saturday: Christmas Pageant rehearsal- 3rd graders/ Narrators/ Choir

15 Sunday: Christmas Pageant

21 Saturday: Nativity Retreat

22 Sunday

29 Sunday: Christmas Break – No Classes

January 2020

5 Sunday: Day before Epiphany – Agiasmo / Vasilopita Sunday

12 Sunday

19 Sunday

24 Friday: 5th graders make Prosforo

26 Sunday: 5th graders presentation of Incense


2 Sunday

9 Sunday: Godparent Sunday Luncheon / Triodion begins (Publican and Pharisee)

16 Sunday: Prodigal Son

23 Sunday: 1st graders present The Lord’s Prayer / Last Judgement (Meatfare Sunday)

29 Saturday: Lenten Retreat (Tentative)


1 Sunday: Forgiveness Sunday

2 Monday: Kathara Deftera, Great Lent begins

8 Sunday: Sunday of Orthodoxy – Procession of Icons 15 Sunday: Oratorical Festival / St. Gregory Palamas 22

Sunday: Veneration of the Holy Cross

29 Sunday: St. John Climacus


5 Sunday: Mary of Egypt

11 Saturday: Youth Retreat / Saturday of Lazarus

12 Sunday: Palm Sunday – No Classes

17 Friday: Good Friday – 2nd and 3rd grade Myrophores rehearsal

19 Sunday: Pascha – No Classes

26 Sunday: Thomas Sunday


3 Sunday: 2nd graders present the Ten Commandments

10 Sunday: Mother’s Day

15 Friday: Best Attendance Class Party

17 Sunday: Last Day of Sunday School / Awards Ceremony



7 Sunday: Graduation Sunday / Appreciation Luncheon

St John the Merciful Mission Church:

The Sunday School Board of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George

To contact the Sunday School Board, please email

Director: Foteini Paparoupa Pazartzis

1st Assistant Director (Older Grades): Nick Moniodis

2nd Assistant Director (Middle Grades): Joanne Scilaris

3rd Assistant Director (Younger Grades): Melanie Sparks-Liacouras

Sunday School Advisor: Athena Kranias

Sunday School Advisor: Niki Flanders

Sunday School Registrar: Antigone Delaney

What is Sunday School:

By Simeon Pardalis, Interim Sunday School Director (May 1, 2018 to February 24, 2019)

Proverbs 2:10 states, “For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.” This passage eloquently informs us that that learning about the Orthodox Christian faith is an integral part to our salvation. We have all been called to be catechumens, or students of the Lord’s Wisdom and Truth, but we have not all been called at the same time. Those who were baptized as adults studied Catechism, or Orthodox Christian education, before their baptism, but those of us who were baptized as infants study Catechism after our baptism. What exactly is Catechism? Why is it important both before and after Orthodox baptism? The word catechism is derived from the Greek verb κατηχεῖν, which means to echo down (κάτω meaning down and ἠχώ meaning to echo). So if Catechism is Orthodox Christian education, who is the one who echoes down the teaching to us? It is Christ who is the true Catechist, who echoes down the teaching to us as He “is everywhere present and fills all things…” (as the prayer to the Holy Spirit teaches us). But Christ usually catechizes not directly to us but through other catechists, other teachers of Orthodox Christian education, to bring us to Himself.

The identities of these other catechists is revealed in the writings of Apostle Paul, the mouthpiece of the Lord. St. Paul writes in his first Epistle to the Corinthians: “Now you are the Body of Christ [which is the Church], and members individually. And God has appointed these in the Church: first Apostles [namely Bishops with Priests and Deacons], second prophets, third teachers…” (1 Cor. 12:27-28).

We see here that St. Paul identifies teachers as having a separate role from Bishops with Priests and Deacons, who also have a role to teach. These catechists are the Sunday School teachers, who often do not receive credit for the hard work that they do, giving selflessly and tirelessly to teach our youth each Sunday about the Christian faith. We see here the important role that Sunday School teachers have: to lead the student to our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ and encourage the student to become a Saint in Christ.

We ought to thank them every day for this gift of catechism that they give us, opening the doorway to Christ, the true Catechist, Who Himself is the Doorway to Salvation (John 10:9). But it is not just the Sunday School teachers who have this role of being catechists.

Because Orthodox Christian education must start – and be encouraged – at home, parents and godparents have a critical role to play in the formation of our young men and women. As it says in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, “the prayers of parents make firm the foundation of houses…” For this reason, we encourage parents to take an interest in, and pray about, what their children are learning in Sunday School, so that we can all together as a Church Family live in Jesus Christ and be taught directly by the God-Man who is the true Catechist. For it is the desire of our Lord Jesus Christ for everyone “to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth…” who is Himself (1 Timothy 2:4 and John 14:6).

Please look for a Sunday School Catechism Welcome Booklet that your child will be bringing home with them on the first day of classes (Sept. 9). This will include a summary of all that your children will be learning through the entire academic year, in question and answer form. We encourage every parent to review the questions and answers, and to discuss those subjects with your children.

Sunday school is all the way from Pre-K 3 to 12th Grade.

(The above article “What is Sunday School” is taken from the September 2018 issue of The Herald, the official publication of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George). 

Who We Are:

It started with a dream.   One Saturday morning in October 1965, religious education and cultural classes began for children aged nursery to 12 years.  Those committed to the spiritual values of Greek Orthodoxy as well as the rich customs and traditions wanted to perpetuate these to their children.

We grew and prospered as One Church, One Future.  Today our Sunday School has an enrollment of approximately 400 students, 13 classes – nursery through the high school discussion group – and over 40 dedicated volunteer teachers and staff working together harmoniously to perpetuate the sacred Traditions of Orthodoxy.

By expressing our love for Christ and His Church, we live our faith.  Through prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving to Christ our God and by the grace of the Holy Spirit we instill knowledge, spiritual values and heritage to the children of St. George.

Sunday School Mission Statement:

By expressing our love for Christ and His Church we live our faith. Through prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving to Christ our God, and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we instill knowledge, spiritual values and heritage to the children of Saint George.

What We Do:  Student Presentations In Church And Chapel

In addition to classroom instruction, our church environment includes:

  • Sunday School liturgies emphasizing student participation
  • Sunday School Choir and Jr. Altar boys
  • The Christmas Pageant
  • The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Elementary Division: Grades 3-6
  • The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Jr./Sr. Competition: Grades 7-12
  • First Grade recites Lord’s Prayer
  • Third Graders receive the Portaitissa Icon
  • Fourth Graders receive their Bible
  • Fifth Graders receive Incense and learn to make Prosforo
  • Sixth Graders make Artos for the h Grade Artoklasia
  • Sunday of Orthodoxy: Procession of icons with all students
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Epitaphio Flower Girls (Myrophorres) serving on Good Friday and the Resurrection Service

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