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GOYA is a vibrant youth ministry at St. George that allows 7th-12th graders to grow and develop their relationship with God through participation in various activities and events. These activities and events encompass the four pillars of GOYA: Fellowship, Worship, Witness, and Service.

Our calendar is filled with various events each month to include get-togethers, athletic events, creative arts activities, fundraisers/service events, worship activities and more! This year we are also encompassing virtual events, such as zoom baking sessions. GOYA is about meeting other Orthodox youth, growing spiritually, having fun, and making friends that last a lifetime!

To register your 7th-12th grader for GOYA, please use the link: https://stgeorge.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/413/responses/new

For questions please contact us at goya@stgeorge.org

GOYA Board Members 2020-2021

President: Simo Agritellis

Vice President One: Irene Haramis

Vice President Two: Tyler Barberis

Treasurer: Steven Haramis

Secretary: Alexia Contos

Social Media Coordinator: Litsa Berns

Historian: Athena Stayeas

Middle School Representative: Roxana Stayeas

Worship & Orthodox Life Representative: Maria Farmakides

GOYA Coordinators & Parent Youth Team

Spiritual Advisor: Father Dimitrios Antokas

Fellowship Coordinator: Christina Stayeas

Service Coordinator: Vasilia Contos

Witness Coordinator: Julie Georgelakos

Worship Coordinator: Rhea Karavangelos

Parent Youth Team

Artemis Agritellis

Marilyn Barberis

Paulette Farmakides

Lynne Emanuel

Sophia Adamantiades

Marie Frazier


  • GOYA Ski day: exact day TBD. Stay tuned!

Check back soon!

Check back soon!