May the Name of the Lord be blessed! On September 16/29, the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates the Great Martyr Euphemia the All-Praised; Martyrs Victor and Sisthenes at Chalcedon; St. Sebastiana the Disciple of St. Paul martyred at Heraclea; Martyr Melitina at Marcianopolis; St. Dorotheos the Hermit of Egypt; Martyr Ludmilla, grandmother of St. Wenceslaus, Prince of the Czechs; St. Procopius, Abbor of Sazava in Bohemia; St. Joseph of Georgia,; and the New Martyr John of Crete. Through the prayers of Thy Saints, O God, save, have mercy upon and protect Thy people. Amen! September 26: Commemoration of the Falling Asleep of St. John the Theologian   Orthros 8:30 AM   Divine Liturgy  9:30 AM BIBLE STUDY 2019-2020:  “The Prison Epistles of St. Paul”  From the depths of a Roman prison, words of encouragement and [...]


Triantafillia Kourtis was called by the Lord to Himself on September 11 in the 72nd year of her earthly life.  She was the beloved mother of Eleni Georgia Rodas (husband, Georgios); loving grandmother of Konstantinos, Vasilia, and Alexandros Rodas.    Friends will be received at Pumphrey's Bethesda-Chevy Chase Funeral Home, 7557 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD on Sunday, September 15 from 3 to 6 PM.  The Funeral Service will be held here at St. George on Monday, September 16 at 11:30 AM.  Burial will follow at Parklawn Memorial Park at 1 PM.   May the handmaid of God, Triantafillia, rest in peace and rise in glory and may her memory be eternal!


Virginia Theakos was called by rhe Lord to Himself on September 11 in the 91st year of her earthly life. She was the beloved wife of the late  Dimitrios Theakos, the sister of the late Despina Condoleon and seven other elder siblings who preceded her in death.  She was the cherished aunt of Patrick and Aspasia Theros, Mitchell  Ticoras, Peggy Kontos, and Effi Kontoleon. She was the grandaunt of Nicholas, Marika, and Helene Theros, and great-grandaunt to Alexander. Friends will be received at Pumphrey's Bethesda-Chevy Chase Funeral Home,  7557 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, on Monday, September 16, from 5 to 8 PM.  A Trisagion  (Prayer Service) will be offered at 7:00 PM. The Funeral Service will be held here at St. George on Tuesday, September 17 at 10:00 AM.    Burial [...]

Sunday School Message

Dear Sunday School families,     We are looking forward to the first day of Sunday School this Sunday, September 15th. As informed in our previous correspondence, this year, St. George is launching the “Parenting in the Pews Project”, an initiative we’ve adopted to engage younger children to worship together with their families during the Divine Liturgy.     Starting this Sunday, the Chapel is designated as a worship area for families, where the service and sermon will be geared toward the family unit. Sunday School instruction in classrooms will follow towards the end of the Divine Liturgy for all grades.     Children enrolled in Pre-K3, Pre-K4, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade will sit in the Chapel with their families on the left side, which will be reserved for families. Following Holy Communion, parents will bring their children to the back [...]

Sunday, September 15 Bulletin and Reflection

VIEW THE SEPTEMBER 15TH BULLETIN [PDF]   WHY DO ORTHODOX EXALT THE CROSS? The Great Feast of the Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross that we celebrate this Saturday,  September 14, reveals an important lesson: there is a difference between the Cross as a theological construct – and the Cross as a lived experience. Fr. Dumitru St?niloae (1903--+1993) was a priest of the Orthodox Church of Romania and was a world-renowned Orthodox theologian, academic, and professor. In addition to a commentary on the works of the Church Fathers and a Romanian translation of the Philokalia, his 1978 masterpiece The Dogmatic Orthodox Theology established him as one of the foremost Christian theologians and thinkers of the later half of the twentieth century. He married his wife Maria in 1930 and she bore them twins. His son Dumitru died [...]

Adult Religious Education Class – Sunday, Sept. 15

September 15 Lesson: Christian Culture versus Contemporary Culture: An Introduction “The culture of our own time continues this separation from Christianity, but not only from Christianity. Contemporary culture is losing its religious spirit, its meaning, and its beauty.” This quote by Russian religious and political philosopher Ivan Ilyin, written in 1937 in his book Foundations of Christian Culture, seems like it could have been written yesterday. It was true then and seems even more true now. For this first class of the 2019-2020 Religious Education year, we will compare Christian culture to contemporary culture, or modernity, and discuss the profound differences as they apply to us a persons and as community. Time: 11:30 – 12:30   Where: Church Library Format: In-person roundtable/discussion format where all our encouraged to contribute; Live stream video nationally/internationally with interactive comments Note: Adult [...]


Three important religious education programs for adults begin in the next few weeks.  They are listed below.  Why not choose one and participate?  We all are so concerned with the health of our physical hearts and bodies, why not consider the health of your spiritual heart and soul?  All three will speak to this important work -- caring for and healing our souls. Turn good intentions into action and join us! BIBLE STUDY 2019-2020:  “The Prison Epistles of St. Paul”  From the depths of a Roman prison, words of encouragement and instruction from the great Apostle Paul were sent in a series of letters to communities throughout the Roman Empire. St. Paul may have been fettered and shackled to a series of Roman guards, but the Word he preached remained [...]

Monday, Sept. 9

FROM THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ST. GEORGE May the Name of the Lord be blessed! On September 9/22, the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates the Holy and Righteous Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna; Martyr Severian of Sebaste; St. Joseph, Abbot of Volokolamsk; the Martyrs Chariton and Straton; St. Theophanes the Confessor of Diabenos; Blessed Nicetas the Hidden of Constantinople; the Commemoration of the Third Ecumenical Council; and the Repose of Elder Joachim of St. Anne's Skete on Mt. Athos.  Through the prayer of Thy Saints, O God, save have mercy upon and protect Thy people. Amen!  Saturday, September 15: FEAST OF THE ELEVATION OF THE PRECIOUS AND LIFE-GIVING CROSS   Orthros  8:30 AM  DIvine Liturgy 9"30 AM BIBLE STUDY 2019-2020:  “The Prison Epistles of St. Paul”  From the depths of a [...]


VIEW THE  SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 BULLETIN Sometimes in the Divine Services, we may be graced with a moment of clarity. Something touches us or we, at last, come to an awareness about something in our life. It’s only for a moment – we feel God so close to us, we may sense His mercy intensely for us, we may even be overcome with the impulse to do good and we actually believe that we can!  The Hungarian/British philosopher and scientist Michael Polanyi (+1976) was concerned with these revelatory moments, these special “intrusions” or “touchstones” to the deeper part of the human person. He also called them “hunches.” He wrote: “We do not accept religion because it offers us certain rewards. The thing that religion can offer us is to be just what [...]


St. George Adult Inquiry Group will begin its weekly session on October 2. The group is designed to prepare adults for Baptism or Chrismation in the Holy Orthodox Church.  It is also useful for Orthodox Christians who want to know more about their faith.  The theme is "Journey to Orthodoxy" and will be facilitated by Fr. Dimitrios.  The group will meet on October 2, 9, 16, 23; November 6, 13, and 20; and December 20.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming Orthodox or learning more about your faith you already hold, please join us for this important group journey.  For more information or to sign up for this class, contact Fr. Dimitrios at 301-469-7990