Monday, March 18, 2019- Weekly Updates

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us sinners! On March 18/31, the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem; St. Ananias, monk of the Euphrates; Martyrs Trophimus and Eucarpus of Nicomedia; St. Edward the King of England; St. Danile, monk of Egypt; and St. Maria (Skobtsova) the Nun.  Through the prayer of Thy Saints, O God, save, have mercy on, and protect Thy people! Amen. Wednesday, Marcy 20: Presanctified Liturgy  6:00 PM, Lenten Supper 7:00 PM, presentation by Dr. George Georgeopoulos "Healing Our Relationships -- Love Challenged." 7:30 PM Friday, March 22: Salutations to the Holy Theotokos  7:00 PM Holy Confessions:  Wednesdays, 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM and Fridays, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM during Great Lent Monday, March 25: FEAST OF THE ANNUNCIATION OF THE ANGEL AND THE INCARNATION [...]

St John Chrysostom Oratorical Results!

Dear Students and Parents, This year’s Oratorical festival was a huge success! I was very impressed with all the youth that made the courageous decision to participate this year and took major steps towards learning more about their faith and enhanced their public speaking skills. This year we had an impressive 48 students participate in the festival! In the elementary division, we had an incredible 33 students from grades 3-6 speaking on all sorts of topics. Those topics varied from favorite saints, hymns, and even family. I am very proud to announce this year’s winners in the Oratorical festival for St George’s parish level competition: JUNIOR DIVISION 1st Place- Megan Delaney 2nd Place- Joseph Hartlove 3rd Place- Ariana Plotas Honorable Mention- Dino Pazaetzis, Savas Emanual, and Maria Farmakides Winner of [...]

Register at the New BeeTreat Resource Page!

Dear All, On Saturday March 30th, the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George are hosting a BeeTreat here at St. George's. This event is for youth 6th Grade to 12th Grade, their Parents and All Volunteer Youth workers (Directors, Advisors, Sunday School Teachers & Coaches). Please register at our new Be the Bee Retreat (BeeTreat) Resource Pageat: The two speakers for the Retreat are: Steven Christoforou Director of Y2AM, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America A graduate of Yale University, FordhamUniversity School of Law, and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Steve is passionate about sharing the Gospel in a clear and accessible way and helping people see Christ at work in their lives. Christian Gonzalez Young Adult Ministries Coordinator of [...]


Dear Parishioners, Some of you may have received an email from Fr. Dimitrios from the address The correspondence is not from him, but is from an unauthorized individual. Please disregard any such email and its request. We apologize for the confusion. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 301-469-7990.

Monday- Weekly Updates

May the Name of the Lord be blessed! On March 4/17, the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates St. Gerasimos of the Jordan; St. Gregory, Bishop of Constantius in Cyprus;  St. James the Faster in Syria; St. Daniel, monk and the Holy Prince of Moscow; Martyr Wenceslaus, Prince of the Czechs; St. Gregory, Bishop of Assa near Ephesus; the Saints of the Pskov Monastery slaughtered by the Latins; and the Repose of the Schemamonk Mark of Glinsk Hermitage. Through the prayers of Thy Saints, O God, save, have mercy upon and protect Thy people!  Amen. Saturday, March 9: Second Saturday of Souls;  Orthros 8:30 AM and Divine Liturgy  9:30 AM. Sunday, March 10: CHEESEFARE SUNDAY -- the last day that chees and dairy products may be eaten until Great and Holy Pascha.  Wednesday, March [...]

Sunday, March 3, 2018 Bulletin & Reflection

(VIEW THE SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2019 BULLETIN)   JUDGEMENT IS IN YOUR HANDS After the consoling words of the preceding two preparatory Sundays before Great Lent, words about humility, self-honesty, and forgiveness in love, we come to the Sunday of the Last Judgment. The Western images often associated with the Last Judgment have been shaped, in great measure, by literary images and by media programs and cultural notions that have communicated particular ideas about who God is, what the judgment is about, and the nature of Heaven and hell.  These constructs, bolstered by popular historic works of art from the Medieval period and the Renaissance -- such as The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and the breath-taking painting of the Final Judgment on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michaelangelo [...]

Monday, February 25, 2019- Weekly Updates

May the Name of the Lord be blessed! On February 25/March 9, the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates St. Tarasius, Archbishop of Constantinople; Hieromonk Reginus, Bishop of the isle of Skopelos; St. Polycarp; Martyr Anthony; Saints Erasmus and Paphnutius, monks; Martyrs Alexander and Hypatius of Marcionopolis; St. Theodore the Fool-for-Christ; St. Marcellus, Bishop of Apamea in Syria; and St. Ethelbert, King of Kent. Through the prayers of Thy Saints, O God, save, have mercy upon and protect Thy people. Amen! Saturday, March 2: FIRST SATURDAY OF SOULS  Orthros 8:30 AM, Divine Liturgy 9:30 AM.  Prayer sheets available at the candle stand. Sunday, March 3: Sunday of the Last Judgment and Meatfare Sunday.This is the last day that meat or meat products may be consumed until Great and Holy Pascha. ON THE SATURDAYS OF [...]