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GOYA Advisor: Maria Cohen

GOYA President: Vasiliki Frantzis

Welcome to a new GOYA year!!

The GOYA ministry is open to all youth in 7th* through 12th grade. Using the basic principles of the GOYA Ministry – worship, fellowship, service, and witness – we strive to provide our GOYAns with opportunities to grow within those values. This allows our youth to participate in all aspects of the Church, allowing them to fully experience the Orthodox Faith.

Our membership drive begins in September of each year with a rolling registration throughout the school year. Dues are $30.00 per child, per year. GOYA’s first meeting of 2017-2018 is Sunday, September 10, 2017. This informational meeting is open to all youth and their parents and/or guardians following the Divine Liturgy and the Sunday of Outreach. General membership meetings will be held bi-monthly on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. with the first meeting on Monday, October 2, 2017.

For those that prefer to fill in the forms and make a payment online, please use the following links. Note: you must have a CCB account to log in to complete the forms.
For those that prefer to print out the forms and fill them in, please use the following links to download the forms:

Please bring the completed forms to the first informational meeting on Sunday, September 10

Make your check payable to St. George Greek Orthodox Church and include Membership in the memo line. If you prefer, you can mail the completed forms, along with your check, to the church at: St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 7701 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817, ATTN: GOYA Membership.

The GOYA Code of Conduct form must be printed and signed by both the GOYAn and the Parent/Guardian. Please make sure that everyone fully understands the guidelines. This form must be on file in order for the GOYAn to participate in all activities. The following link can be used to download the form.
*youth must be at least 12 years old and in 7th grade to participate
We are looking forward to another great year ahead.

GOYA Board Members 2017-2018

President: Vasiliki Frantzis
1st Vice President: Niko Berns
2nd Vice President: Georgia Chahalis
Treasurer: Chris Agritellis
Recording Secretary: Lia Assimakopoulos
Corresponding Secretary: Katherine Papadopulos
Historians: Lia Papageorge and Evy Zoulis
Sergeant at Arms: Niko Garbis
At Large: Simo Agritellis, Kosta Berns, Michael Haramis, Steven Henry, Spyro Kaloudelis, Joanna Papaioannou, Leo Tsirigotis, and Angelos Valis 

St. George GOYA

2017 – 2018 Tentative Calendar of Events

*Any event may be subject to change*


2nd General Meeting

7th S & S Workshop

14th Outreach Youth Day

15th Fundraiser

22nd Board Meeting

27th JOY/HOPE Halloween Party

28th Wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery


3rd Banner Making

5th Ad Book Deadline

17th, 18th & 19th St. George 50th Anniversary Celebration

26th Board Meeting


1st Tournament Prep and Setup

2nd & 3rd St. George Basketball Tournament

8th Ministry Christmas Tree Lighting

9th Sights & Sounds Workshop

10th Lunch with Santa (No B-ball practice for some teams due to Lunch w/ Santa – check with your individual team coaches!)

16th Christmas Caroling followed by General Meeting and Party w/ Food Drive

17th Board Meeting


5th Youth Night

13th Sights & Sounds Workshop

19th Outreach Youth Night

21st Fundraiser

28th Board Meeting


3rd Sights & Sounds Workshop

4th “Soup”er Bowl Sunday: bring a can of soup to church!

5th General Meeting

9th Youth Night

11th Godparent/Godchild Sunday (No B-ball practice for some teams due to Godparent/Godchild Luncheon – check with your individual team coaches!)

16th Apokriatiko Glendi

17th S&S Workshop/Rehearsal

18th Rehearsal and Artwork Collection

19th Lent Begins

23rd Sights & Sounds Workshop

24th Sights & Sounds Workshop

25th Rehearsal and Artwork Collection; tentative GOYA Sunday


2nd Sights and Sounds Prep and Setup

3rd & 4thSights and Sounds

4th GOYA Sunday

10th Spaghetti Sauce Prep

11th GOYA Spaghetti Luncheon and Oratorical Festival

16th Lenten Lock-In w/ General Meeting


1st Palm Sunday

8th Pascha (Easter)

13th Youth Night

22nd Board Meeting



13th Mother’s Day

20th GOYA Board Elections for 2018 – 2019

26th Wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery at individual grave sites for Memorial Day in conjunction with AHEPA


3rd Graduation Sunday

10th GOYA Board Elections for 2018 – 2019 (alternate date)

17th Father’s Day & Induction Sunday for 2018 – 2019 Board

Basketball practices have their individual schedules and there may be additional practices leading up to a tournament weekend. Check with your coach if you are unsure of when you do/do not have practice.

St. George Basketball Tournament

December 2 & 3, 2017