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G.O.Y.A. is a vibrant youth ministry at St. George that allows 7th-12th graders to grow and develop their relationship with God through participation in various activities and events. These activities and events encompass the four pillars of G.O.Y.A.: Fellowship, Witness, Service, and Outreach.

Our calendar is filled with various events beginning in September and ending in June. 

Some favorite G.O.Y.A. activities include weekend youth nights, Sights & Sounds, community service, fundraisers, religious retreats, Basketball tournaments, and more.

G.O.Y.A. is about meeting other Orthodox youth, growing spiritually and about having fun! We have a tight knit group of GOYANs and feel we are a family. For those who are willing to give G.O.Y.A. a try or need additional information, please contact us at GOYA@stgeorge.org

GOYA Board Members 2019 to 2020

President: Evyenia Zoulis
Vice President 1: Anastasia Frazier
Vice President 2: Joanna Papaioannou
Treasurer: Michael Haramis
Secretary: Simo Agritellis
Social Media Coordinator: Irene Haramis
Historian: Tyler Barberis

GOYA Advisory Committee

Georgia Averinos

Maria Cohen

Mary Grace Cooney

Anastasia Karloutsos

Christina Stayeas

To reach the entire GOYA Advisory Committee, please email GOYA@StGeorge.org

St. George GOYA

2018-2019 Tentative Calendar of Events

*Any event may be subject to change*

Basketball practices have their individual schedules and there may be additional practices leading up to a tournament weekend. Check with your coach if you are unsure of when you do/do not have practice.

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GOYA Orthodox Life takes place on one of the Saturdays of every month. Here, in the context of games and team building activities, we enrich our understanding of our holy Orthodox Christian Faith and learn to live it in every situation of our lives. We are not just Orthodox On Sundays, but every single day, hour, minute, second, microsecond and so on of our lives. We are called to witness our Orthodox Faith through our lives by living an Orthodox Life.

St. Paisios the Athonite on living an Orthodox Life:

“Silence greatly helps in spiritual life. It is good for one to practice silence for about an hour a day: to test oneself, to acknowledge one’s passions and to fight in order to cut them off and purify one’s heart. It is very good if there is a quiet room in the house. There, ‘in secret,’ one is able to do one’s spiritual maintenance, to study, and to pray. A little spiritual study done before prayer helps greatly. The soul warms up and the mind is transported to the spiritual realm. That’s why, when a person has many distractions during the day, he or she should rejoice if he or she has ten minutes for prayer, or even two minutes to read something, so as to drive away distractions” (Family Life, by Elder Paisios the Athonite. Souroti, Greece: Sacred Hesychastirion of St. John the Evangelist, 2002).

More information coming soon!