Community Service Hours
Students, here’s a great opportunity to earn community service hours. Volunteers are needed to deliver meals to the shelters served by St. George, specifically in January. Help in cooking is also always welcome.

January – deliver to Chase, Helping Hands, Dorothy Day, and Rainbow shelters. Must stay and serve the food at the Rainbow shelter. Delivery help is also needed April through December.

We cook and deliver on the third Sunday of each month. We haven’t missed a month in more than 15 years, but we need more volunteers to continue- people to deliver in particular. So, check your calendars and give us a call.

Current Needs
It’s been about 16 years since the Feed the Hungry program started serving food to area shelters. Today, the need for this program is as great as ever.

A bit of background: Volunteers cook a delicious stew on the third Sunday of each month and take the food, along with fruit, salad, and sandwiches (put together by Goyans), to three shelters in Rockville

  1. Chase Shelter for men
  2. Helping Hands Shelter for women & children
  3. Dorothy Day Shelter for women

Another shelter, Rainbow for women, operates from November through March and volunteers stay there for a couple of hours to serve the meal.

WE CURRENTLY NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP IN THE KITCHEN — Cooking begins after Church Services — and to Deliver the food. Volunteers for delivery are especially needed.  (Remember that students can earn Community Service Hours)

Bring in homemade cakes, cookies, pies or Greek pastries

Stay after church to help peel potatoes or cut up stew meat

You will find it a satisfying experience.

For more information please contact Margaret Oge.

Cooking Schedule
Third Sunday of every month after church services

About The Feed The Hungry Program
The Saint George Feed the Hungry Program began with the leadership of two caring parishioners, Susan and Albert Alexander. “They showed us the way.” The couple believed a church such as Saint George needed to reach out to the greater community, and the best way to do that was to prepare a meal and serve food to several shelters in the area. What the Alexanders found was a ready and able volunteer group led by Julia Plomasen to prepare a “hot” meal to complement all the foods.

That was in 1990. The program was taken over in 1992 by Peggy and Bob Hackman who continued to provide outstanding leadership in their work with a dedicated group of parishioners for over eight years.  In 2010 Margaret Oge took over the Chairmanship and will continue to coordinate and manage the Feed the Hungry program where volunteers cook, deliver, and serve delicious stews made with meat, vegetables, and potatoes, along with fruit, salads, and sandwiches.  Baked goods such as breads, rolls, and pastries are donated by Stella’s Bakery and picked up for delivery to Chase Men’s Shelter, Helping Hands Women and Children Shelter, and Dorothy Day Women’s Shelter. Food is also delivered and served to the homeless women at Rainbow Place, a shelter open from November 1 through March 30.