Dance Troupe Inquiries:

Dance Ministry Lead:
Maria Giakoumatos


At the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George

PARENTS: There will be a mandatory meeting for parents of ALL levels on SUNDAY, the 22nd of September at 12:30 pm in the Chapel.  Please make every attempt to be there, as we will be sharing the goals, objectives and updates for the Greek Dance Program for the 2019-2020 season.

Please Note: all classes will be held weekly unless otherwise noted.

ALL participants must register to attend classes.  Registration for the 2019-2020 season will only be accepted online.

For more information please email Dance Ministry Lead Maria Giakoumatos at

2019-2020 St. George Hellenic Dance Troupe Registration

ALL participants must register to attend classes. Registration for the 2019-2020 season will only be accepted online.

We welcome and encourage all participants, new members and all skill levels are encouraged  to attend!  The groups within the program are established by the academic grade of the participants. There will be no advancement or retention of dancers based on ability, talent, coordination, interest or maturity. In order to offer a consistent and positive program, dancers will be divided in the following groups:

***Kindergarten Students***
Students will begin their Greek Dance foundation by learning to listen to rhythms and move together with the music. (K students must be in their Kindergarten Grade School year)
*Class begins Sunday, September 29th. Class schedule will be handed out by instructor.

***Level One (grades 1, and 2)***
Students learn basic dances and will develop a strong foundation in the movements and rhythms common in Greek Folk Dance.
*Class begins Sunday, September 29th.

***Level Two (grades 3, 4,and 5)***
Students will build upon knowledge of basic dances and begin to explore more regions of Greece, learning dances with more complicated steps and various hand holding positions.
*Class begins Sunday, September 29th.

***Level Three (grades 6, 7, and 8)***
Dancers are introduced to variations of dances all over the regions of Greece. They will begin to understand regional differences in Greek dance, as well as recognition of regional variations in music.
*Class begins Sunday, September 29th.

***Level Four (grades 9, 10, 11, 12)***
Dancers continue to focus on complex dances and variations from all regions of Greece. Members of this team may be called upon to represent the St. George Hellenic Dancers in any other official events.
*Class begins Tuesday, September 24th.

More information coming soon!

The aim and objective of the St. George Hellenic Dance Troupe is to promote Greek dance in its authentic form. Cultural information relating to the history, costumes, and traditions of the various regions of Greece may be reviewed as it pertains to the instruction of the dance.